SoleCup – Loose Tea

The SoleCup – Loose Tea 

Infuse on the go with SoleCup’s barista friendly loose tea travel mug. If you detach the loose tea infuser you can also use it as a resuable coffee cup. 

Made from tempered glass to maintain a premium drinking experience.

Its screw on splash-proof lid will save you from sticky cups and spills.

Choose either a silicone or cork band for an easy grip and comfortable sipping.

Bonus: Your SoleCup is 100% recyclable and we only use plastic free postage and packaging.

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What size coffee can I have in my SoleCup?

The 12oz SoleCup will fit 340ml of liquid inside, it’s a ‘tall’ at Starbucks or ‘medium’ at Costa. As you probably know, coffee sizes vary depending on the coffee shop. If you’re stuck let the barista know your cup is 12oz and they’ll be able to guide you on sizes.

Are other cup sizes available?

Yes, we have a range of large 18oz SoleCups.

Is my SoleCup leak-proof?

Once the lid is closed your coffee or tea will not leak out from your SoleCup, however, if you place it inside a bag the lid may catch and open.

How durable is my SoleCup?

Your SoleCup is made out of strengthened borosilicate glass, and is built to last.

Is it dishwasher and microwave safe?

SoleCups are dishwasher safe but we recommend removing the band, and it’s microwave safe as long as you remove the lid.

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