Our Mission

Our Mission

SoleCup’s mission is to make drinking more sustainable without compromising on taste. We want to encourage the use of reusable products and help reduce single-use waste.

The Idea

SoleCup is a UK based family business founded by Annie Powers. The company has grown out of a love for good coffee and the simple idea that using less and caring for the environment are the basics of a sustainable lifestyle.

The SoleCup.

The SoleCup was created as a long-life reusable glass travel mug. It’s perfect for coffee drinkers but uniquely can also be used for tea infusions and smoothies.

Our Ethos

We encourage a reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy and carry this ethos into the products we have added to the range. We’ve also ensured all of our products and packaging are either recyclable or biodegradable.

More Info

Check out our eco-credentials for more on what matters to us and for tips on how to reuse and recycle your cup.

You can also take a look at our social media profiles to see more on what we’re about: Instagram and Facebook