The SoleCup.

The SoleCup.

SoleCup’s barista friendly travel mugs are made from tempered glass to maintain a premium drinking experience on the go.

Uniquely, the SoleCup can be used for loose tea infusions and smoothies too.  Add attachments to get the most from your cup.

You can choose between our regular (340ml) or large (510ml) options.

The screw on splash-proof lid will save you from sticky cups and spills.

Choose either a silicone or cork band for an easy grip and comfortable sipping.

Bonus: Your SoleCup is 100% recyclable and we only use plastic-free packaging.

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UK delivery is free.

If you order before 1pm we’ll dispatch your order on the same day.

Free delivery takes up to 5 working days (usually sooner).

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The packaging we use is plastic free and recyclable.


Q: What size coffee can I have in my SoleCup Original?

A: The 12oz SoleCup will fit 340ml of liquid inside, it’s a ‘tall’ at Starbucks or a ‘medium’ at Costa.  The 18oz SoleCup holds 510ml, so it’s more suitable for a large or ‘grande’.  As you probably know, coffee sizes vary depending on the coffee shop. If you’re stuck let the barista know your cup is 12oz or 18oz and they’ll be able to guide you on sizes.

Q: Are other cup sizes available?

A: We have a range of 12oz and 18oz SoleCup Originals.

Q: Is my SoleCup Original leak-proof?

A: Once the lid is closed your coffee or tea will not leak out from your SoleCup, however, if you place it inside a bag the lid may catch and open.

Q: How durable is my SoleCup?

A: Your SoleCup is made out of strengthened borosilicate glass, and is built to last.

Q: How do I use the infuser attachment on the SoleCup Loose Tea Travel Mug?

A: The infuser screws in and out of the SoleCup lid to ensure the loose tea leaves stay inside the infuser. Simply add your favourite loose tea to your infuser, fill your SoleCup with hot water and slowly place the lid and infuser into your cup.

Q: What is the smoothie filter for and how do I use it? 

A: The smoothie filter is designed to stop bits of fruit or seeds making their way through the drink opening when using your SoleCup for fruit drinks and smoothies.  It simply screws in and out of the SoleCup lid.

Q: Is it dishwasher and microwave safe?

A: SoleCup Originals are dishwasher safe but we recommend removing the band, and it’s microwave safe as long as you remove the lid.

Q: What is my SoleCup Original made of?

A: SoleCups are made from heat resistant borosilicate glass.

The grip sleeves are made from fully recyclable silicone or cork.

The lids are made with plastic and stainless steel creating a long life premium drinking experience.

Q: Can I recycle my SoleCup Original?

Yes, your SoleCup is recyclable, and you can recycle all of our other products too.

Q: Are SoleCup Originals BPA and Phthalates Free?

A: Yes, your SoleCup is 100% BPA free and contains no phthalates.

Q: Will my SoleCup Original fit in my car cup holder?

A: Yes, both the 12oz and 18oz SoleCup Original will fit in the majority of car cup holders.

Q: Are SoleCup Originals compatible with coffee shop machines?

A: Absolutely, your SoleCup is barista friendly and it works in all coffee shop machines.

Q: How long will my drink stay warm in my SoleCup Original?

A: We typically advise 30-90 minutes but this is a tricky one, as it really depends on the drink. For instance, drinks without milk will stay warmer for longer.

Q: Can I buy replacement parts for my SoleCup Original?

A: Yes, we sell all the elements of the SoleCup Original separately.  You can find them in our accessories section here.

Q: How do you clean the SoleCup Original?

A: The SoleCup Original is dishwasher safe, but we recommend removing your grip band and handwashing it in warm soapy water to clean it between uses.

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