Spring Blossom Loose Tea Smoothie Recipe

Looking for the perfect summer smoothie? Then look no further, you won’t find a sweeter more scrumptious smoothie. Delicately light, refreshing and one to wow your guests! 

Fruit Tea Smoothie

We’ve combined a brewed glass of our Spring Blossom loose tea with summer fruits. This simple blend will only leave you craving more! Since our Spring Blossom loose tea is caffeine free it is a simple way to encourage the children to eat, or drink rather, fruit! It’s also vegan so can be enjoyed by all and at any time of the day.


340ml of Spring Blossom loose tea

1 handful of frozen mixed summer berries

1 frozen banana

1 handful of frozen strawberries

Simply add your loose tea to your infuser and brew in your SoleCup for 3-5 minutes until a rosey red colour is seen. Add your frozen fruit to your blender alongside the brewed loose tea, blend until smooth. Add extra water for a lighter smoothie. You can top off your smoothie with honey and flaxseeds for a sweeter nutritious drink. 

Fruit Tea Smoothie

Now you can sit back, enjoy the sunshine and show off your loose tea smoothie. We love to see the smoothies you’ve created from our recipes! Don’t forget to send us your pictures at @thesolecup


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