A Guide to Green Tea
The Health Benefits of Green Tea

There are a number of benefits to drinking green tea according to nutritionists but what are they? Green tea leaves contain antioxidants such as flavonoids. Flavonoids are plant-based chemicals, shown to reduce coronary inflammation. 

Green Tea is also a source of the amino acid L-theanine, which has been linked to reducing anxiety and improving focus.

Loose Tea or Tea Bag?

You can get green tea in four forms; loose leaf, whole leaf, tea bags and matcha powder.

We prefer loose tea over tea bags for a number of reasons:

  • Loose leaf tea will absorb water and expand as it infuses. Meaning the vitamins, minerals and flavours will be extracted from the leaves.
  • The quality. Most tea bags are filled with lower grades of tea including smaller particles of dust and fannings. While you may get an increase in infusion and therefore flavour, there will be a reduced amount of minerals and vitamins. 
  • Loose leaf tea reduces the amount of waste produced, you’ll only be disposing loose tea leaves not an additional tea bag. We drink approximately 100 million cups of tea per day in the UK. It’s estimated that about 96% are made with tea bags, that’s an astonishing 96 million tea bags every day!
  • Tea bags also often contain microplastics. That means you’re probably drinking them and they are definitely ending up in the environment.  


It’s easy to make the switch to loose leaf tea when you have a travel mug with a tea infuser! You can enjoy your teas on the go, take a look at some travel mugs for loose leaf tea here.

How to Make Loose Green Tea

How much tea should I use? 

This depends on your taste, roughly one teaspoon of tea leaves for each cup of water is about right but if you like it strong, add a little more.

How hot should my tea be? 

We recommend using water between 60 – 80 degrees celsius for the best flavour.

If the temperature of the water is too hot, your tea will become bitter, losing its aroma, and if your tea is too cold you won’t be able to enjoy the full flavour of your green tea infusion. Moreover, the sugars and amino acids in green tea are released at 60 degrees Celsius.

How long should I brew my loose tea for? 

Typically it’s between 2-5 minutes, but you should always check the advice of your chosen brand as it will vary depending on the type of tea.

If you’re infusing on the go with a reusable loose tea cup the tea will get stronger the longer it is left, so choose one with an easily removable strainer.

Tip for improving the taste of green tea.

If you have a sweet tooth or find your green tea has a bitter taste, why not add lemon juice and zest it up a little? Or you could add some Agave Nectar for a sweeter tasting tea! 

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